Tip: Summer is short. Gather your books NOW.

Here are some tools to get you started:

The Rapid Reviews list is compiled by four clever librarians who review them, rapidly, every year at the Vermont Library Conference. It’s usually a mix of well-known and lesser-known titles, and it’s always interesting.

Brooks Books is a cherry-red link at the top of the BML catalog screen. It takes you to lists compiled by staff members using fun themes like “Garden to Table” and “Travel Free: Armchairs Don’t Use Oil.” At the bottom, there are links to lists of award-winners for all ages and genres.

The Brooks Teen Blog has just posted the 2008-2009 master list for the Green Mountain Book Award. These are great selections for young adults and people who used to be young adults. The blog also features local reviews and links to other teen reading sites.

Windham County Reads, the organization that brings us the Bookmobile, produces summer reading lists for all ages. Scroll down to Resources to find the link, and while you’re there, read up on WCR’s important work of bringing families and books together.