Tip: A Browse search in the catalog is the easiest way to find out everything the BML owns by a particular author.

First, open the catalog, which is always accessible from the Brooks Memorial Library web page.

Click on the Browse button, which brings you to the Browse search screen.

The default search on that screen is “Titles,” but you can choose “Authors” and then type in your author’s last name. If your author has a fairly common last name, you might want to add the first letter of the first name; for example:

king s

is an effective search for books by the author Stephen King. When you get the list of search results, Stephen King is second on the list. Here’s the entry:

King, Stephen, 1947- Author Matches 63 items
See Also Bachman, Richard. Matches 5 items

The links aren’t live on this page, but if you were in the catalog, you would be able to click on either of them to find all the books we own by King and his alter ego.

There are other ways to search for authors in the catalog, but this is the most efficient for finding everything.