Tip (for BML patrons): If you ask very carefully, the catalog will give you a list of all the books on CD.

Try these methods:

For all FICTION books on CD (adult & children’s):

  • In the catalog, click BROWSE
  • Click the SUBJECTS radio button, and search for the term compact discs fiction

Sorry, there isn’t an easy subject search for Nonfiction CDs, but see instructions below for a way to do that.

For all books on CD in a specific collection (Adult or Children’s):

  • In the catalog, click BROWSE and SET LIMITS
  • Check the COLLECTION box and choose the collection you want from the drop-down list. For adult CDs, choose 1stFl. CD Audiobk. For children’s CDs, choose CR CD Audiobk (“CR” = “Children’s Room”)
  • Click either of the rectangular SET LIMITS buttons to go back to BROWSE.
  • Click the LOCAL CALL radio button (that stands for “local call number”). For fiction CDs, type the letters aaa in the search box and click SEARCH. For nonfiction CDs, type the numbers 001 in the search box and click SEARCH.

For all books on CD by a particular author:

Just do a Browse search for your author. The individual title records will show whether the item is a print book or a sound recording. They will also specify format (CD, audiocassette, etc.). To do that:

  • In the catalog, click BROWSE
  • Click the AUTHORS radio button, and type in your author’s last name, e.g.: picoult
  • Click on the author link in the result list to see all the titles, e.g.: “Picoult, Jodi, 1966- Author Matches 18 items” (click on the underlined author link)