Tip: The Oxford English Dictionary is now available from home for BML cardholders (and still available to all at the Library).


The Oxford English Dictionary is a reference source that people talk about with reverence. Some say it takes itself way too seriously, but there is no denying that it remains one of the great dictionaries, setting the standard for detailed etymologies and source quotations.

The online version is easy to use. You will find it on the BML web page under Resources. Everybody who visits the BML is welcome to use the Library computers for this task.

Cardholders can now search the OED at home, or anyplace with an internet connection. To do that, call Reference at 802-254-5290 x109, or e-mail asklibrarian@brooks.lib.vt.us. We will verify your registration and give you the user name and password. You only have to do that once; the same user name and password will work each time you log in.

Have fun, but always eschew verbosity, prolixity, and Lexiphanicism.