Hello searchers…it’s Babbette here!

Forget the image of the cardigan wearing stiff searching for Sir BlahBlah Dingbat’s literary works: I search for fashion, gossip, and celebrity news.

Ever wish you could be the first to mention Britney Spear’s fabulous birthday bash details? Find out what makes J Lo tick? Or better yet what makes Brad Pitt tick (wink, wink)?


Or how about creating outrageous fashion statements of your own?

Here we go…hang onto your Gucci and get searching.

The other day I wanted to collect some tidbits on Britney Spears…I went to the libraries Resources page and clicked on General Onefile, under the list of databases. Don’t ask me how I know to do this…a girl has to use any means necessary to dig up the dirt.

I did a SUBJECT search for Britney Spears


…and look at all these categories of info that came up: clothing, performances, psychological, behavior, etc…Within each category were dozens of articles from mags like Entertainment Weekly, Hollywood Reporter, People, Cosmopolitan…

I decided to choose Clothing, being a bit of a fashion maven myself, and found this cool little orange button I wanted to tell you about.
This magic little button can send me ALERTS when a new article has been added to the Britney Spears Clothing section. I can choose whether to get the alerts by email on RSS feed. Talk about being on the pulse!
Well, that’s all for now. Next time I’ll tell you about how to CREATE your own fashion using the DIY database!
Write me if you need some search help…