1050-image Tip: We’ve got the forms.


Everyone’s least favorite day of the year is rapidly approaching. If you haven’t filed your taxes yet, the library has resources that will make tax preparation less stressful.

If you need tax forms, just follow the bright orange “Tax Forms” sign. The arrows on the sign will point you in the right direction, and you’ll soon find Federal 1040, 1040A, and 1040EZ forms, Vermont State forms, and corresponding instruction booklets. Other forms, of which photocopies can be made, are kept in a binder in the Reference area.

While the binder contains a vast assortment of forms, it may not have the one you need. Federal forms can be downloaded from http://www.irs.gov/formspubs/index.html?portlet=3, while state forms can be accessed at http://www.state.vt.us/tax/forms.shtml. Both the IRS and Vermont Department of Taxes can help with your tax questions and are the first place to go if you need an extension.