You know right where your favorite fiction sits on the shelf, right?  Look again!  What was up is down, down is up.  Authors you have never noticed before are front and center. We haven’t rearranged the alphabet, but we have rearranged the books.

The fiction was so crowded that in some sections our shelvers simply could not fit another book into the mass.  What to do?  Well, the 800’s  (Poetry, essays, literary criticism, etc.) were lounging around in first class accommodations with plenty of legroom,  so we evened them up a little, made the sparser sections a bit more crowded. That created space to shift the fiction along almost a whole aisle.  So, now, where is Billy Collins, as well as Nora Roberts?

We have tried to make all the books accessible to tall people and short ones, but everyone will have to get in shape and squat or stretch.  Those little step-stools with squeaky wheels make great seats for exploring the lower shelves, and, of course to stand on to reach the top shelves, (the wheels don’t roll if you stand on the stool).

We are getting fine, new labels at the ends of the stacks that really describe what is there now in 2009, no longer what we put in place in 1967;  thus you can find the Roberts aisle right away.  But why not browse?  This is your chance to make new fiction finds, and discover poetry or essays that you never noticed before.  Enjoy!