Lego pirate

Ask any matey or wench what September 19th be, and certain ye’ll be to get the same reply.  It be International Talk Like a Pirate Day!  For those of ye landlubbers who know not the lingo, the library’s reference pirates be uncoverin a hidden treasure of places in the internet to help yez all talk like pirates too.  For those of ye buccaneers keen to learn more about the pirate life, there be a host of books here at the library for all of yez to check out.

Treasure Map:

If ye be wantin to talk like a pirate, but be in need of schoolin, get yez over to the official home page of Talk Like a Pirate Day.   The Pirate Speak web site ye’ll also be findin useful.

Be ye wantin to know more about the glorious pirates of the past?  Go ye to Reference, where ye be findin David F. Marley’s Pirates and privateers of the Americas, a great grand encyclopedia of piratical information (REF 910 MAR).  There be no better way to be learnin about the sweet trade o’ piracy.

parrotThe library also be havin several absorbin and entertaining books on the glorious golden age of piracy.  Ye can find No man knows my grave: Privateers and pirates 1665-1715 by Alexander Winston (910.4 WIN), and Piracy, mutiny and murder and Ghosts, gales and gold by Edward Rowe Snow (910.4 SNO) on the library’s first floor.  All grand grippin tales they be.

If it be pirate music ye fancy, ye be enjoyin Rogue’s gallery: Pirate ballads, sea songs, & chanteys (CD Music ROG).  Ye can be takin these items from the library and enjoyin them in yer home, a mug of grog by your side to keep ye warm.  But beware!  If it’s late ye be in returnin them, the library pirates may make ye walk the plank if ye do not pay up in precious booty!

By the powers! Don’t be ye a scallywag.  Celebrate this fine fair holiday wi’ a wannion, and be askin a library pirate for help if needin assistance ye be.