Okay, its January 14th and we’re just publishing the post on New Year’s resolutions, so we are falling a little behind on our goals.  If you are having similar problems, or if you haven’t made any resolutions yet, check out the New Year’s Resolution list at usa.gov: it’s available any time for inspiration, and it includes links to helpful resources to support your goal.

If you do not find all the information you need at this site, come cruise the library shelves.  Here’s a general guide to some helpful resources:

Weight loss and Diets:   613.2

Exercise:  613.7 (and don’t forget the exercise DVDs)

Money Management:   332

Travel:  914 – 918

Stress Management:  155.9  or  613.7 (yoga for stress relief)

Take up Knitting:   746.43

Stop Smoking:  616.86

Quit Postponing Your Blog Posts:  006.7

Happy New Year!