Vermont’s White River Junction is headquarters for the National Center for PTSD, the world’s leading center for research and education on the prevention, understanding, and treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  While the Center is a division of the Department of Veterans Affairs, its website offers information of interest to many different populations, including:

  • Veterans and their families
  • Individuals coping with the aftereffects of trauma in their lives
  • Therapists, doctors, and other healthcare providers
  • Researchers and students

In addition to its useful fact sheets and videos, the Center maintains PILOTS, the world’s largest database of research articles on PTSD.  PILOTS is well-indexed and easy to search, and it’s accessible at no cost through the website.  Most articles include substantial abstracts, and most can be obtained in full text from your local library (though libraries will usually request them from other libraries rather than directly from NCPTSD).   It’s worth noting that PILOTS includes a great deal of research on conditions related to PTSD, such as anxiety and depression.

In 2009, NCPTSD marked its 20th anniversary with an interactive website slideshow of some of its accomplishments.  Check it out for an overview of this very important work.