As the school year ends and the shorts come out, minds turn to vacations. With limited time and cash flow, state and national parks can be provide wonderful, inexpensive getaways. The National Park Service has recently redone their website to help people plan summer trips:

The site includes information on each park’s features and cost, special events and workshops throughout the summer, and days on which entrance fees are waived. To inspire your trip, the  library has the Ken Burns’ National Parks DVD set and accompanying book, as well as numerous travel guides to individual states.

If you are looking to stay close to home, i.e. in Vermont, for a day hike or an overnight, the Vermont State Park website is very user-friendly and allows you to make camping reservations online:

The library has a number of books about hiking and camping  in Vermont. One of the best is 50 Hikes in Vermont by the Green Mountain Club.

How about the Vermont Long Trail, a 273-mile hiking trail that runs from the Massachusetts-Vermont border near Bennington to the Vermont-Canada border… The southern half of the trail is the Vermont section of the Appalachian Trail.  The Long Trail Guide and The Long Trail Newsletter are available at the  library to help plan an excursion on part of the trail.

Happy Hiking!