For up-to-date health research, Brooks Memorial offers the Health & Wellness Resource Center, an excellent general health database that is updated continuously.  But circulation statistics show that many of us also like to turn to books for health information.  Thanks to a generous grant from the Crosby Foundation, the Library was able to add approximately 60 new titles to its health collection in 2010. We will be highlighting a few of the new health titles by subject in upcoming blog posts.

Here are a few of the women’s health books to look for on our shelves, followed by their call numbers:

Crawford, Amanda McQuade. The natural menopause handbook, revised : herbs, nutrition & other natural therapies. Berkeley : Crossing Press, c2009.  This title supports the belief that menopause is a natural process and one that does not necessarily require medication. This revised edition focuses on herbs, nutrition exercise, aromatherapy, and visualization to create a holistic plan for wellness. 618.1 CRA

Eldridge, Laura. In our control : the complete guide to contraceptive choices for women. New York, NY : Seven Stories Press, c2010.  Marking  the 50th anniversary of the pill, Eldridge’s book examines the strengths and weaknesses of women’s birth control choices, as well as the history of contraception. 613.9 ELD

Northrup, Christiane. Women’s bodies, women’s wisdom : creating physical and emotional health and healing. New York : Bantam Books, c2010. First published in 1994, this revised edition describes itself as “a behind-the-scenes tour of the female body, showing you how to truly thrive and flourish” by longtime women’s health advocate Northrup. 618.1 NOR