New York Times readers, the Library has news for you:

As you probably already know, the Times just instituted its new online article policy.  You are allowed full views of 20 articles per month from their website; after that, you have to pay.

However, the full text of the paper is available free with your library card at the Brooks Memorial Library website.  Coverage includes the current day plus a full archive of the print paper back through 1980, plus the Magazine and Book Review back through 1997.


  • It’s free with your library card.
  • It’s legal; the library subscribes on behalf of its patrons.
  • It archives the paper for you, so you can go back any time to find an article by keyword, date, etc.
  • It doesn’t limit the number of articles you can access for free


  • It’s text-only; no images
  • It isn’t automatically organized into sections, and it doesn’t present the usual visual cues to differentiate major and minor stories, etc.
  • It’s limited to what appears in the print version of the paper; it doesn’t include the valuable additional content (blog posts, etc.) featured at

If you’re interested in exploring the free New York Times on the Library’s website, click on Resources > Newspapers & Current Events > New York Times

Once you log in, you have various search options.  To find the current day’s paper, choose Date range > On this date from the pull-down menu and type in the date in the required format.

Another possibility is to view the paper at the Times website, find the stories you want to read, and then search for them by title or author in the Library’s free database.

Of course, as long as there are walls, there will be schemes for getting over them.  Here’s news from about other attempts to deal with the changes at the New York Times.