News from our friends at the Yellow Barn in Putney.  Act quickly!


Yellow Barn is thrilled to welcome our Writer-in-residence Stanley Corngold with a special promotion for literary enthusiasts:  Any book club or library member will receive 50% off at all concerts between July 30 and August 3rd.  

Stanley Corngold is a Professor Emeritus of German and Comparative Literature at Princeton and will spend the week immersed in the Yellow Barn community.  During his time, Stanley will write two posts for Yellow Barn’s blog about the rehearsals and preparations for our matinee and finale concerts on August 4.  Specifically, he will post about Schoenberg’s adaptation of Mahler’s Das Lied von der Erde,  which will be featured during the finale concert at 8:00 pm and Korngold’s String Quartet No 3 in D Major, which will be performed during Yellow Barn’s annual matinee concert at 12:30.  More information about Stanley can be found in his bio on Princeton University’s website.

Additionally, composer Brett Dean, one of the most internationally performed composers of his generation, will be joining Yellow Barn for the week of July 30.  His week at Yellow Barn will feature performances of ten of his compositions, including the interspersing of his Short Stories: Five Interludes for string orchestra, between movements of Webern’s Six Bagatelles for string quartet. In addition to his compositional activities, Brett Dean has a distinguished career as a violist, including a former principal violist position with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. During the Composer Portrait on Monday and the Season Finale on Saturday, Dean will join Yellow Barn musicians in performing his own compositions. 

To redeem this offer, please call (802) 387-6637 and give us the name of your literary affiliation.