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The Brooks Memorial Library circulation desk schedule is confusing to the uninitiated, and when new people join the staff, one of their first tasks is to learn how to read it. We’ve tried to make it simpler, but in a busy library, it takes some work to make sure there is always enough coverage at the desk.

In the adult section, the day is broken into three-hour shifts, and for every shift there are at least two staff members (but usually three) assigned to the circulation desk. First is the anchor person, who stays very close to the desk at all times. Second and Third are her backups, who usually work on other tasks until they are needed out front. Part of the responsibility of being “on the schedule” is to keep constant watch on the front desk.

If you’re ever at the desk and a staff person seems to be rudely ignoring you, it’s probably because she isn’t isn’t on the schedule for that hour: she is neither First, Second, nor Third, and it is her responsibility to stay at her own desk to work on interlibrary loans, bookkeeping, periodicals, etc. Don’t worry, though: First, Second, or Third has probably already spotted you and is on her way to help.

Sometimes, for the amusement of our patrons, we arrive at the same time and bump into each other, but we are all trained stunt people, so do not try it at home.*

*But if you have the software, do try the stunt link; it’s a gem.

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